kellan apparel is a streetwear sock brand designed & influenced by our customers. kellan manufactures colorful and striped socks for both men & women. We focus all our efforts on crafting the most unique socks without compromising comfort. All our women and men’s socks are manufactured with the highest quality combed cotton with the most innovative machinery which provides an elegant fit and feel. This results in our ability to provide unique and luxurious socks with contemporary designs. 

The name kellan originated after a surf trip to Australia's Gold Coast. While the team was down under, we met a young chap by the name Kellan. He was cool, he was mellow, and he was full of life. He was the exact definition of what this company stands for: free spirited, energetic, eccentric, and simply living in the moment. We believe in the importance of sticking to this easy-going approach to life and this is what we embody in all of our striped socks.

Our motto is simple: WE ARE YOU. kellan is the first ever lifestyle brand using guerrilla social media marketing which allows you, our customers, to brand this company. Every piece of product we manufacture is designed, marketed, and promoted by our community of friends.  We want you, enthusiasts of action-sports, to send us your photos and videos of kellan socks in action. This is how we brand our company and keep it relevant with the newest trends in real-time. We love helping creative unknowns become totally-knowns, which is why every single one of our photos/videos carries the owner's name and credits. We support our community in every way possible, whether it be through our our annual creative awards, our free socks award system, or simply by tweeting their name & art to the world. And every time you buy from us, you're supporting everyday creative minds, too. 

This is your company. You call the shots. We pay for it!  WE ARE YOU.