How to Style Your Black Socks

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Right now, everyone is talking about ‘style on a budget’. Hey, ladies listen up. This one's for you.

Everyone has black socks and with the weather being so nice, now’s the time to bring them out. Black socks instantly class up an outfit, or can be worn in a casual occasion like getting some hot dogs with your girlfriends.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to style-up your plain black socks:

Locate Your Best Black Socks
Seriously, they’re everywhere. If you don’t own any black socks, buy some. They don’t go out of style and they’re awesome. They go with everything and you never have to worry about your sock patterns stealing the spotlight from your shoes, or in the case above your pumps.

Wear Them With Pride
Socks first, then shoes. And because I know you skimmed the first part, BLACK SOCKS GO WITH EVERYTHING. Your whole outfit doesn’t have to be shown up by a pair of socks. You can keep it simple by wearing solid colors for your clothes, polka dots for the socks and colorful shoes. Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you.

Get Out The House!
Hey, we all know it’s easier to take selfies in a mirror, but they won’t mean jack if you just stay at home all day waiting for the ‘likes’ to appear. Take care of some errands, go to the mall to buy more socks or just simply take your puppy for a walk. Lastly, you don’t want to overdo it by mixing up solids and wild patterns. Pictured above is a great dressed-up example of polka dot black socks. We think it does the trick!
There you go ladies, you now have some options. Whether you want to dress up or dress-down your socks, you can do it. Think about those little piggies next time you're styling yourself.

Blog post by: Nathan Camp
Photo: WeHeartIt