The Alfa Cardboard Bicycle

The Alfa Cardboard Bicycle Bike

A Bike Made Of Cardboard

Is it possible to ride a bike made simply out of cardboard? Yup. Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni recently developed a low-cost, eco-friendly bike made almost entirely of recycled cardboard and rubber. Gafni's company, Alfa Bike I.G. Cardboard Technologies, came up with a sleek yet durable design that we actually dig. The cardboard is tightly compressed, folded and aligned in a way which gives the frame it's unique sturdiness. The cardboard is also smartly treated with waterproof resin to resist turning into a mushy pizza box when it rains. Best of all, the price is only $20 per bike!!


Izhar Gafni estimates each bike will cost just $9 to make. He plans to sell the bikes for about $20 each.


Because of the tight folding of the cardboard, the lightweight bikes can support up to 495 pounds.


The cardboard bikes are treated with waterproof resin, so that they can withstand rain. The bikes are also fireproof.


Alfa bikes will be made of 99 percent recycled materials, including recycled car tires for wheels.