How to Style Your Classic White Socks

kellan apparel white socks

Sometimes you don't need colorful or loud socks to make a great statement. Plain white socks make a great accessory, too! Here's a great example of an Indian-inspired look with classic white socks as the hero of the outfit. 

Grab some clean, plain white socks

You don't need any fancy-shmancy colorful socks to pull off a good look. Keyword here is clean! For best results, ensure to grab a warm pair of socks strait from the dryer. Trust us, you will probably smile when you pop those puppies on!

Oversized, colorful & cozy sweaters

Nothing feels better than wearing a cozy oversized sweater. Period. Be sure to pick a sweater that has some great color to get that 'pop' look. Any sweater will do, but for best results dust off one of those sweaters that Grandma knitted you for Christmas. Lastly, show some skin on those legs. Guys-- make sure you got your feet groomed right.

Don't forget your hat!

Nothing pulls off a plain white sock look than wearing a funky hat. By now everyone has as many hats as they do socks, so no excuse here. Just make sure to pick the hat that best represents your mood that day and time. In the example above, she was feeling green.

PS: Peek-a-boo.

Photo: Couture Crush