His & Hers kellan socks

his and hers kellan socks

Well isn't this cute! BIG thank you to Annabel Graettinger (@a_graettinger3) and Drake Graettinger (@dgraettinger1) for sharing this picture with us. Love the matching his & hers kellan socks, you guys are clearly in love. Here we have the kellan BEAST socks matched with the kellan Young Samurai socks. Nice!

How Can I Get My Picture Featured on Kellan?

That's easy! Tweet us your picture (@kellanapparel) or send us an email (contact@kellanapparel.com). We typically blog or retweet any photos shot with a camera phone. But, if you have a little more camera skills and have a DSLR camera, you can take more professional photos and we may feature them all over our home page and marketing packs! Take a look at David Bowles photo which is now being used as the official branding of kellan socks!