Cole And Parker Socks Canada

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We recently came across another new Canadian sock brand - Cole + Parker socks. When we started kellan socks 2 years ago, we were one of few Canadian brands strictly dedicated to designing, manufacturing and suppling luxury socks to sock connoisseurs across Canada. We were travelling across Europe and noticed insane amounts of colorful socks circulating the streets. We wondered why Canadians only wear black or white socks, and vowed to change that!

Now, we are seeing more and more sock companies/brands pop into the scene which is fantastic. This drives innovation and creativity to our favorite accessory— socks. Colorful, designer socks can now be seen as the 'Rolls Royce' of foot-accessories. They offer comfort, luxury and a sense of style.

About Cole + Parker Socks

Cole and Parker — named after jazz musicians John Coltrane and Charlie Parker — was started a couple weeks ago in London, Ontario Canada. The business is modelled after infamous shoe maker TOMS 'one for one' campaign. Cole + Parker promise to lend small proceeds of sales to small business owners in developing countries via micro financing. The socks are entended for entrepreneurs which has inspired the naming of it's collection. Cole + Parker socks will be named after famous entrepreneurs which we think is a cool idea. Congratulations to Cole + Parker socks on entering the socks game.

How Does kellan Differ from Other Sock Brands?

Well, by now you all know us. kellan socks are 100% designed and branded by our customers. Our customers are involved in very sock design. Not only that, we allow our customers to name each pair of socks, and market/photograph all kellan socks which we use for advertising and media packs. This is reflective in our company motto: WE ARE YOU. We are in a sense a very social company allowing for user generated content. This allows kellan socks to remain fresh, unique, and in-style in real time.

The business idea behind kellan socks was to allow everyday individuals to become sock designers or advertising executives. When we got into the sock industry, we found it extremely fun in coming up with design ideas and thinking of advertising taglines. We wanted to share this feeling of excitement with all of you! It's safe to say that kellan gives you, our customers, the driving seat in design and marketing new mainstream products. This unique experience is what's allowed us to gain such a strong following from the start.

Keep an eye out on our Twitter profile, we are about to collaborate on a new collection of socks. This means you will be able to design, brand and name your own pair of socks! Estimated date: August 2013