Kellan BEAST Socks x David Bowles

 kellan apparel beast socks david bowles

Taking to the streets (and rooftops) of Brooklyn, our kellan friend David Bowles caught this BEAST photo. 

A little more on the photographer, David Bowles

David is a TV director for a show on Discovery Channel (which airs on The Science Channel). After falling in love with kellan socks, David reached out on twitter/email and passed along his personal photography blog-- his other passion. We loved his work, and also the fact that he lives in Brooklyn, NY. We love NYC, especially Brooklyn, and having deep roots to this borough is pretty awesome. It was a perfect fit.

Did you give away free socks?

We shipped David a bundle of free socks in exchange for some photos. David agreed, and got to work. The photo above is the first installment of his photo sessions and we are thus far hyped. We just bounced back an idea about integrating the Nike 'Spike Lee' 1990's campaign, so keep an eye out for that!

Why did you send free socks?

Well, thats easy. As you already know, kellan is 100% designed and branded by our customers. This is reflective in our company motto: WE ARE YOU. All the photos we use on our marketing/media packs are user generated which allows kellan socks to remain fresh, unique, and in-style in real time. All our socks are also designed, branded and photographed by real customers. We provide the platform, the people build and grow the products. This is your chance to be fully involved in branding and bringing a product you love to market.

Can I get free socks?

Do you want free kellan socks? Do you like taking photos? Get in touch!!

Email us at or tweet us on twitter

David-- thanks for the still bud!