Trinidad Jame$ – All Gold Everything (Live on Fallon)

All Gold Live by yardie4lifever2

We are always impressed with how Jimmy Fallon is able to personally connect with so many different types of celebrities on his show. This time, Fallon introduces musical guest Trindad Jame$ for his first ever television performance. Interesting choice for a TV debute for Jame$.

For a while, “All Gold Everything” was an underground hit being heard by many in Atlanta's underground music scene. Jame$ has definitely been on a roll as of late and is making quite the splash in both the underground and now the mainstream. His quick mixtape success reminds us of a younger Drake. Despite flagrant vulgarities and drug references, Jame$ was invited to perform the hit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon alongside The Roots. Check out the performance above, then the artist’s Don’t Be S.A.F.E.album, available on iTunes now.