Men's Hair Styles for 2013: The New Look you Need


As men, we often overlook the power of our hair in our look and a well styled mop is something that can have the ability to make or break your look and go nicely with your new threads.

Unlike women, men do tend to get stuck in a hair rut and seldom change – often because what’s tried and tested is what suits. Most men have a signature cut and like to stick to it. However, many can do with a refresh to transform them a little. So, let’s take a look at the cuts to flatter in 2013.

Disconnected Length on Top

This is a current trend most notably being worn by Mr David Beckham. It’s a style that has to be created with care as the more of a contrast in length between sides and top, the more severe it looks. For those working in more conservative areas, this might be something to consider. However, blending the disconnection line and top reduces the contrast and makes it seem more natural. It’s a cool style, just be wary of extremes.

Side Parting

Once a classic, always a classic. The side parting is a timeless hairstyle and looks wonderfully groomed and also is very suitable for most types of hair. It’s strong but won’t weight hair down too much and looks great with pomade. Ask your barber for the best length to suit your shape of face.

Short Square Layer

The perfect mix for those who think long hair might suit them. This style is easy to take care of and is good if you wish to encourage hair a little farther down your collar in the long run. It also works well with most hair types and will use the natural movement of hair to good effect. Weight at the edge is the main concern, so ensure your barber lightens this area to prevent bushiness.

Long Hair

If you do wish to go a little further, then a shoulder length do is very in for 2013. However, it also takes a lot of care and though not popular opinion, will require washing and conditioning to look its best. Blow drying and products also help and will allow for hold and definition, without dirtiness.

These hairstyles can really go well with your new look for 2013 and give you that bit of a brush up you’re much in need of.Add a pair of Kellan's finest and you're a gent.