Men's Fashion Trend Mistakes - SAVE US!!!!


For men, fashion does not necessarily always come naturally and at Kellan, we’ve winced on numerous occasions, when we’ve seen some of the on-trend garms that hit the big time, but should have been resigned to the dumpster.

So, if you’ve worn any of the styles below we do feel a little sorry for you, but if you promise not to do so again – you have our righteous forgiveness.

Skin Tight Pants

Skinny or slim fitting jeans are fine, however when you take it to skin tight, that’s where the problems begin. For pirates the look is fine, however for most men jeans you have to jump off the wardrobe to get into are not. They’re also extremely uncomfortable and also it’s been claimed they lower sperm levels – though this could be just a rumour started by the fashion police.

Levered Sunglasses

Venetian blinds are not meant for people’s faces and though Kanye West can pull it off at the Grammys, you most likely won’t in the supermarket.


Nuff said!!

Deep V Neck T-Shirts

Most of the population don’t have the physique to pull this off and it really looks a bit too feminine to be honest. We’re hoping it’s going to roll over soon and die. All we can say is beware showing your children photos in the 2040s.


Patterns on accessories are generally fine; however, when the pattern begins to shape a suit, or is littered across a jacket, it’s extreme. Sure, you’re wearing Louis Vuitton, but people don’t need to know from a distance of 200 years and you look like a walking advert. It’s not a good look and it doesn’t go with our striped socks either.

Metallic Accessories

Metallic accessories certainly suit women, but when they cross over the line and are entering into the men arena, it’s a little too much. It’s all a little bit Flash Dance or you may look like you fell out of Spandau Ballet. Now, while we’re very much admirers of Gary Kemp’s musical abilities; some of the 1980s apparel would not be our current choice. Try and avoid the metallic thing – please!

There is fashion and there is style, however the two are not always mutually compatible – take a look at the late 1970s for cues. Not even our Kellan socks would make some of those disasters look any better.



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