Guide: Never Lose a Sock Again


Socks, socks, sock. How many of us end up with the singular after only a few wears. Socks have a terrible tendency to become singular within no time at all – even our socks at Kellan are guilty of this crime.

Of course, if you buy some nice clobber for your feet then you’ll want more than a few wears from them. So, to avoid the notorious fashion faux pas of mis-matched socks read our guide to avoid losing socks.

Pairs should be Paired

Before you wash your socks place them in the washing machine by attaching them together. Socks can be kept together with a washing bag, safety pins or even just folding the cuffs at the top together. In fact, there is even such thing as a sock clip for this purpose – it’s probably the best solution.

Sock Wash

If you love socks as much as we do at Kellan, then you may want to wash them separately so they don’t get lost. Place all your socks into the washing machine at once and this prevents them getting caught up with all the other stuff.

Socks Escape

Socks often fall out of the washing basket on the way to and from the sock drawer. Count your socks before you wash them and when bringing the back keep them in the middle of the pile. This prevents them falling out and hiding among your furniture. Men's socks end up in all sorts of weird places – under beds, cupboards and on top of fridges - we’ve seen them everywhere. If you have kids, tell them to pair them up when they take them off.

The Usual Suspects

Even though socks do go everywhere, they quite often hide out in the same places. Like a spy who’s been at it for too long, there are some places they just hide over others. Check places like the inside of the washing machine drum, towels in dryers and bed sheets. These are the places even smart socks love to get tangled up in.

The Orphans

Of course, some socks will just end up hidden, lost or vanished and will have left behind a lonely friend. Keep the singular socks in one place until the other decides to turn up. Most socks are just misplaced and if you pair them up every so often you will end up matching most of the partner free striped socks.   


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