Exciting Tech from CES


The Consumer Electronics Show came and passed last week, showcasing the latest tech, gadgets and gear from over 3,000 different companies. Everything from audio, to imagery and all in between was showcased and it seems that there was plenty to talk about.


It seems that your 1080p screen is set to pale in comparison to the latest TVs soon set to drop. The new OLED screens are set to bring is the 4K standard of TV viewing sooner rather than later. Essentially, these TVs are the next big thing and offer window like clarity from your TV. With the latest set of GoPro HERO3’s capable of recording to the UltraHD level, it looks like we’ll soon be taking images of the powder and out sick tricks in more definition than ever before.

Paper Tab

Well, it was only a matter of time until the BladeRunner like world was to come to the fore and we saw a glimpse at CES with the Plastic Logic Paper Tab. The device is the same size as a piece of paper and essentially is a tablet like device in paper thin form, albeit using e-ink currently. The flexible paper comes with a flexible touchscreen, meaning you turn pages through bending the ears of the sheet. Put it this way; it’s really something and will blow your Kellan Socks off

Oculus Rift

The whole idea of VR may finally be coming to promise and it seems those who had a whirl of the Oculus Rift at CES would age. This trip like rabbit hole supposedly offers an immersive visceral experience, though it makes you motion sick initially(mmmmmmmmmmmm).All the same, it’s looking set for release sometime this year – exciting stuff.


Gamers rejoice as it seems we’re set to see a whole host of new and exciting devices in the coming years. From Nvidia’s surprise announcement they are releasing a handheld device named ‘Project Shield’; to the realisation of Project Steam – termed a console killer by some. There was also a number of Kickstarter based projects too in the form of low cost Ouya and others. It means that all in all we can expect to see plenty of small and big screen joy pad whackery in the coming 12 months - lots to rub our striped socks together for.


The biggest of all Kickstarter projects, Pebble drew a huge amount of interest at CES and the simple device looks set for a release quite soon. The cool little smart watch is perfect for cruising about and doesn’t look in anyway ridiculous. It’s a great little device that removes all the bells and whistles for its and your own good.