Happy Techmas: Five Must Haves



Christmas, or Techmas as it could also be known is on the horizon and those who like their gadgets and gizmos have more than enough to get their greasy claws on in the weeks ahead.

Some of the tech out there for Christmas 2012 is simply awesomeand if you’re looking for something to help you pass the time, then we’ve got some great proposals – some of which we’ll be suggesting to our loved ones at Kellan socks.

Google Nexus 10

Those guys at Google don’t know when enough is enough and after releasing the excellent Google Nexus 7 during the year at a bargain basement price, they’ve now gone and added a bigger brother. The Google Nexus 10 is a powerful piece of kit, with a superfast processor and a retina display, as well as a camera – meaning it’s the perfect addition to your boarding foray in the New Year.

GoPro Hero 3

This camera is the perfect addition to your tablet and offers you the chance to take TV ready quality footage of your ride. It’s the king of the cameras and is now around 25% lighter than the previous GoPro 2 and 30% smaller. It can shoot at 60fps and in 1080p and just is all round awesome. In fact, you can even slow it down to shoot slow motion video of 120fps at 720p – pretty amazing.

Wii U

Of course, if you can’t get out and about for the time being then why not go ahead and purchase the new Wii U, Nintendo’s new generation console. It’s as powerful as a PS3 and comes with an amazing gaming controller that adds to the games in so many ways thanks to its fully interactive screen. There are currently only a small number of titles available – but, it’s sure to keep you and your Kellan socks entertained into next year and beyond.

North Face Patrol 24 ABS

In the nightmare scenario of an avalanche, what do you do? Well, North Face has come up with quite the answer thanks to their wacky backpack with inflatable wings. Should an avalanche befall you then simply pull the cord and lie down, as you’ll be catapulted along the top of the snow to safety thanks to the inflatable wings.

Emperor 1501 Gaming Environment

Gaming chairs are nothing new, but few come in the same mantle as this chair with a 2.1 Bose sound system and the ability to add 3 monitors for all round gaming. It’s the ultimate gamers present, though it does cost £7,500 – a little off putting for some of us. 

However, with these Christmas gifts and some new tango zebra, or BEAST socks you're sure to have a Happy Christmas.


Images from CNET and Mostwantedtoday.com