Jedi Masters Wear Kellan Socks

Imagine the scene – you’re sitting fire side, rocking a Christmas jumper and post Movember moustache and are surrounded by all the Star Wars paraphernalia you can muster - sounds like the perfect Christmas?

Look, we at Kellan love Star Wars almost as much as we love snowboarding. Of course in this world there’ll always be those who’ve moved to the Dark Side – bankers, insurance salesmen, people that own cash for gold shops etc – but, by hell not us!

This Christmas a little Star Wars love is a necessity and luckily there’s much on offer to promote the side of all things good.


Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection

Even though you won’t receive all the Han, Luke and Leia figures you always wished for, this extremely cool book chronicles over 2,500 different Star Wars action figurines. It’s an in depth look at the action figures from the very origins, right up to the modern day Revenge of the Sith toys. It also goes into depth on each figure and provides insight into each items history. Force lovers will be delighted with this gem.

Darth Vader Ugly Sweatshirt T-Shirt

Even the Dark Lord himself enjoys Christmas as this t-shirt printed image of evil incarnate shows. It’s quite a cool t-shirt and one that Star Wars fans and anyone with a sense of humour will enjoy. Of course, you could just buy a Christmas jumper of your own and team it up with a Darth Vader helmet for the ultimate effect – in fact, we may.

It's hard to know what Kellan socks Anakin would wear but we'd probably say he's sport our Ninja Turtles, simply due to their colour schemes. 

Star Wars Stormtrooper Silicone Ice Tray

Anyone who enjoys a tipple of whisky at Christmas knows that regular ice just won’t do and that’s where the Star Wars Stormtrooper silicone ice tray comes to the fore. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a Stormtrooper replica head in their spirits and this tray has fixed one of mankind’s oldest problems. Just so you know a Millennium Falcon ice tray is also available.

Star Wars Origami

There are few pastimes that are on the side of good more so than Origami and, the Star Wars Origami kit is perfect for Jedi Masters. The book has 256 pages and 36 projects all of which are set at different levels of difficulty. You can always string them up on the tree the next day after having ignored family for 14 hours straight. 


Even on Christmas Day the Galaxy may not be safe, so it’s best to have a Lightsaber at hand for safety’s sake. The Star Wars FX Lightsaber is a top end replica of the real thing. It comes with the power up and power down effects and all the sounds you could wish for. It also has a metal effect handle and looks and feels like a Lightsaber, or how we’d imagine one to feel like anyway.

So, why not team up your gift of Kellan socks with some Star Wars memorabilia - it's the perfect combination of swag and sci-fi and makes the perfect stocking stuffer.


 -Kellan &