Get your Swag on with our Great Gift Ideas!!!


Well we’re past Black Friday and for those of you who decided to lock yourselves in your cellars or retreat to some woodland community, you were probably better off. However, we decided to create a great list of cool gear for the more laid back among us – take a look. 

 Burton GMP Women’s Eleanor Snow Jacket

So, what’s so special about this woman’s jacket you may ask – well, for one thing, it’s made from Mountain Dew bottles, which are recycled into material – meaning it’s not only great to rock but green too. The jacket is also insulated in all the right places and so warms the areas of your body that are more prone to losing heat than all over. Finally, it’s a great looking jacket that’s extremely comfortable to wear.

Electric – E.G2.5 Goggle

This lens comes in both brown and green and though large doesn’t completely overwhelm the face. The lens is also almost perfect for all conditions making it a pretty great all-rounder. The colour scheme of bronze and gold is also quite tight and they work well under your helmet and there’s no gap – always a plus.

MakerBots 3D Printer

If you’re a bit of a geek, as well as everything else (rich included) then this is the perfect gift for Christmas. The MakerBot allows you to do a bit of 3D printing in between hitting the slopes and is one of those amazing items that allows you to print all the sorts of needless items, that you actually feel you need.  Pretty cool though.

Kellan Coloured Socks

What more do you want as a stocking filler than a pair of our socks. Whether, it’s the practical Rider’s Choice, our amazing Ninja Turtle socks or our Young Samuri; there’s a world of choice with Kellan and they make the perfect Christmas gift for those with swag.

Burton after School Special Kit

Give the gift of snowboarding for Christmas with this amazing kit for kids. It’s essentially the FisherPrice replacement for snowboarders and allows kids to skip the skis and get on the powder with the funnest of fun stuff.  Mini bindings and board come included here and it’s all set up to ride.

Ostrich Pillow

If it all gets too much and it inevitably will at some stage or another (probably after dinner when you’re great aunt has to do Darth Vader in charades) then this is the answer. The Ostrich Pillow is the perfect item to aid sleep anywhere, makes you look a bit loony and is the perfect respite when things get too much.  

So, treat someone this week, whether you choose classic or striped socks or even a 3D printer - it's all cool! 


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