Japanese Snowboarding and X Games Announced


The largest snowboarding event ever held in the history of Tokyo was won by Forest Bailey. Set in the centre of Tokyo, the Burton Rail Days Event took place last Saturday in Japan’s main city and the urban rail jam was noted for its bringing of the mountains to the super high tech urban area.

The event itself was judged by urban shred innovator Jeremy Jones and there were a number of up and coming destroyers of the rail at the Japan based occasion. Among them were Ethan Deiss, Zak Hale, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Niels Schack, Dylan Alito, Jamie Nicholls, Takahiro Ishida AND Brandon Hobush. All of whom really made a mark on the great event and added to its flavour. Of course, the  event had its fair share of mountain flavouring and the course consisted of a range of high altitude items, including a hitching post jib log, picnic table gap for jumps, as well as a hand rail to log bonk that was over 9m tall and 30m in length.

Bailey managed to win the event in the end and earned around $15,000 and the most important of all victory and our respect at Kellan socks for his beast like antics.

Looking to the future and ESPN announced the first athletes to be invited to the X Games in Aspen on the 24-27th of January.

The six event Games which end in LA in August, will also take in Brazil, Munich, Germany, Barcelona and Tignes along the way.

The event will be shown by ESPN and is now in its 17th year in its winter format and with over 150 athletes expected to show up. The event has over 150 athletes in all and will showcase the best and brightest in skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

The games first wave of athletes includes, Bobby Brown – two times gold winner in the games in 2010, Kelly Clark the first 1080p female snowboarder and also to win gold twice in the Snowboard SuperPipe.

Tucker Hibbert is also part of the games and is the most decorated SnoCross racer in X Games History. Others in the event include Mark McMoris, who landed a triple cork in competition, as well as having won a range of events and Shaun White, the first snowboarder to five peat ever in SuperPipe. It looks like a great line up so far, with more to be added in the coming weeks. Check out the invited athletes so far and competition schedule in the weeks coming.

So, get you’re your smart socks and prepare for some awesome tricks young samurai.  


Images RedBull.co.uk