Snowboarding Apps for the Slopes


Your life can be made a pure wreck if you’re not sure about how your frozen destination is shaping up. You can be snug in your Kellan socks if you know what the weather, what lifts are running and how the terrain is at a new spot. Fortunately, the wonders of the iPhone allow you to figure these factors at the drop of a helmet.

We’ve brought together a number of apps to ensure your next trip on the powder runs smooth as your board and the whole boarding jaunt is enjoyable. These wicked skiing apps will get you to and from the slopes to kicking back in the lodge without hassle.

Ski and Snow Report

Of course, first things first – the conditions. This great app allows you to save a dozen or so of the ski resorts worldwide you may visit. It offers you details on the temperature, speed, wind direction and even open chairlifts. Want to know when a new snowfall happens – it does that too, notifying you so you can drop all and hit the powder when it’s at is best. There’s also social sharing to get your buddies up and running as needs be.


Social snowboarding is better boarding if you ask us at Kellan and this app allows you to checkout if anyone else from your ‘cru’ – get it - is coming. The app allows you to add status updates and contact others and even allows you to meet up with new people. Of course, it’s not just social online and offers you information on the best bars, check in habits at resorts and also tracks altitude and speed down slopes, which can be shared socially afterwards. It’s pretty cool and a must have for this year.


If you want to enter the world of near virtual boarding then this is the app for you. The app runs through your smartphones camera to offer you an onscreen display of the smoothest way to navigate the slopes using augmented reality. The app shows you all the important information about the run, including the position of chairlifts and the difficulty of the run. It only currently works at around 100 resorts, but it’s pretty cool.

So, get downloading and get boarding – these apps can make your life easier, offer you the chance to meet new peeps and are just a bit of fun, really.



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