Reversible Socks that Don't Smell thanks to Biz Caz


We always like to keep you guys updated with the changes in the sock world; after all we want you to swag with the best of them. One recent Kickstarter project has really intrigued us by the way – Bizcaz socks.

These socks are reversible – get that. So, essentially you’re getting two pairs of socks for the price of one as the inside and outside are different designs. A great idea, but one plagued with sock based strife you may think – well no.

It seems that the people at Bizcaz have come up with a number of innovative solutions to ensure that these babies are problem free. The first issue you would expect and one of the main reasons most of us don’t wear socks two days in a row – the smell. Nobody wants a whiff filled pair of socks for a second wear – do they? Well Bizcaz have used nothing other than silver to kill the bacteria that cause the smells. Silver is used in a number of active wear products for the same purpose, but not in the sock world – bit weird really considering the problems with smells. This problem is identified by Bizcaz, but we are not convinced it will ultimately work. Case in point: Lululemon. They also offer a range of products with silver technology which claims a no stink solution. We can tell you first hand that this is not the case (maybe we are just a sweaty bunch?) In any case, this 'no stink' sock will be a trial and error effort.

The next issue you may think of is the bleeding of colour from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Well, this problem has also been taken care of thanks to a think interior layer to prevent the socks blending colours and allowing bright, distinct colours each side. Another great idea, but interested to see if this in fact will work. 

Of course, with all this other stuff going on, you would be forgiven for thinking the socks are plain rubbish. Well, no. The Bizcaz sock is made of a high quality blend of Merino wool and nylon. This blend wicks away any moisture from the feet, while also provides amazing insulation for the cold weather. The softness of the Merino wool also means there are no problems with itching, scratching or discomfort and each pair even has arch support and a reinforced heel and toe, with flat comfort toe seam for extra cosiness.

Currently, Bizcaz is offering socks in 8 different options in a range of sizes and is seeing a lot of interest from the Kickstarter program, which has crowd-funded so many successes.  The colourful socks come in a range of sizes and sizes and are unisex socks.