Our Christmas Gift List (Well, Part of it!)


Christmas is on the horizon – well, it’s still a bit of a distance as of yet. However, it’s always nice to be prepared and to know what you want and we’re here to help with some of the coolest tech gear available - (no men's socks on the list.)

Snolo Sled

If you’re looking for one of the coolest looking, meanest pieces of kit this snow season then the Snolo Sled should be up there. This carbon fibre sled can hit over 40mph and is extremely versatile, offering excellent control and maneuverability. It also folds up and can be carried in a bag. There’s no price yet, but it’s released the 7th of December – so, we imagine they’ll add one then – maybe it’ll be free????

Chaval Response XRT Heated Gloves

Not too warm; not too cold – that should be the mantra of these amazing heated gloves. If you’ve $390 sitting around or if Santa’s been doing well on the scratch cards again, you can ask for these waterproof and windproof gloves, with something known as alphaHEAT technology. This addition uses conductive traces to heat the gloves to a warm but not roasting degree, taking into account your body temperature as they go. 



Pimp your iPhone charger with these cool vinyl labels. All iPhone chargers seem to look exactly the same – white, often a bit grubby after use and a bit dull. These stickers are easily transferred, pimp your charger and also allow you to easily tell your charger from your housemates. So, with distinctive Kellan socks and a charger this Christmas, it may be the best yet!

USB Bracelet

Santa doesn’t have an unlimited budget and as stocking fillers go this thumb drive is a pretty snazzy addition and the skateboarding rider's 's choice. It’s a 2GB USB that is attached to a real leather cord – oh, it’s made in Scandinavia. Better than an inkjet printer on the end of a shoelace, you can be sure.

Eton Boost Turbine

Portable batteries for charging your phone are nothing new and this one has great specs, with a 200mAH lithium ion battery, Micro-USB for use with chargers and an aluminum body. However, the really cool thing is the fact you can power it up via the hand turbine generator – no fossil fuels required.  


- Kellan

Images from ChipChick