5 of the Most Famous Socks in the World



You probably never really thought about it, but there are some socks out there more famous than both you and I – bit bizarre really. The simple fashion staple is in fact, often a celebrity in its own right – so, let’s stop this crazy jibber jabber and look into the world’s most famous socks.

Mr Socko

WWE wrestler, Mick Foley or Mankind as he was also known is one of the most loved and also most decorated wrestling celebs of all time. Foley, however, is almost put in the shadows by his Mr Socko, sock puppet. Yepp, that’s right - a carnival of craziness. The sock he used to place over his hand before delivering the mother of all final blows to his opponents. It’s weird, it’s wonderful and it’s extremely memorable. Don’t follow suit or you’ll end up sectioned – keep your Kellan coloured socks on your feet.

Lamb Chop’s Play Along

The sock of many of our childhoods and one that won five EMMYs in a row. Shari Lewis’s creation – a six year old ewe sock puppet was an intrinsic part of a lot of people’s childhoods. Lamb Chop was befriended by a number of characters as time went on. Though, it’s a bit of a weird name for a child’s fantasy character and the realities certainly dawn on you when you think about it.  

Socks the Cat (Socks Clinton)

A cat that wears what seem like its own socks is the perfect sock. Bill Clinton’s presidential cat lasted a full 8 years in the White House. There are plenty of jokes we could make about this pussy, but we’re too mature.

Curt Schilling’s Sock

Pitching a winning game as your ankle becomes detached from your body isn’t easy, to understate things. Curt Schilling did so and his sock played its part too. Its tightness prevented the pitcher from going into shock and allowed him to play the best game of his career. The sock is now in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Socks of the Nobleman’s Daughter

It’s coming up to Christmas, so how can we fail to mention the sock that made St Nicholas famous and means we all have stockings under our fireplaces each year. If you don’t know here’s a quick rundown. A poor Nobleman with no money wanted his daughters to marry. So, St Nicholas tossed gold coins down the chimney each night into the socks drying below. A delightful surprise waited each morning and they soon had the money to get married.

So, there you go five pairs of Kellan apparel socks that made it to the big time! We can’t assure you our striped socks will help you into the mainstream media – but our Kellan socks are pretty cool clobber that allow you to get your swag on. 



 images from Retrojunk.com & Sodahead.com