Oakley Airwave Smart Goggles

Ever wanted to read your text msg's, emails, change your iPod playlist while shredding all from within your goggles? Oakley is making that happen. This is some pretty rad developments to a once one-dimensional piece of equipement. Two thumbs up to Oakley for innovating their number one selling accessory. TechCrunch has just reported:

The Airwave is a $600 goggle that’s for sale in Apple stores and through Oakley for skiing and snowboarding that contains a small display integrated with GPS, Bluetooth, and onboard sensors all powered by technology built by a company called Recon Instruments
This lets users see how fast they’re going, where their friends are on the mountain, listen and control music, see text messages, all while on the slopes — the user can download a corresponding Airwave app for Android or iOS and control their phone and other media through the Airwave’s wrist controller. Oakley has also released an SDK to let independent developers make apps that integrate with the Airwave.
This only means one thing: kellan needs to step it up and add some innovative technology to the sock game! Maybe we should add a toe-warmer feature controlled by an iPhone app. Thoughts?