Dew Tour - Round Up San Francisco


The Dew Tour took full advantage of the San Francisco cityscape last weekend to introduce new events in both skate and BMX – street style. The new form of discipline was welcomed by the crowd as three surrounding blocks were closed down for the carnival of fun.

The street course was the most notable of events in the area and used a range of the city’s best known and most utilised spots for the first BMX street event in the tours history. Areas such as 3rd and Army, the China banks, Pier 7 and Hubba Hideout all were included and ended up creating an amazing classics course. Of course, the icing on the skate cake was a performance from Lil’Wayne between the heat and the awards.

FMX Triple Threat

The opening event was the FMX Triple Threat competition, which is a crowd favourite thanks to the sheer number of whips, flops and tricks involved. Add to this the location in front of City Hall and you get an idea of the sheer breadth of the event. The winner was Adam Jones who came to the top after all of the moves, flips and uprights were ranked with a score of 91.10.

BMX Street

This was the first BMX street event on the Dew Tour and one that would go down in the annals of history hence the competition to win it. The top three interchanged and jockeyed position  throughout the evening before Garrett Reynolds rose to the top, ahead of Chad Kerley and Bruno Hoffman, who stood in second and third respectively. Though Garrett started off a little below pace, is second and third runs were excellent and he managed a 360 bar to bar down the nine stair and a rail ride to tail whip out and then follow with a 180 bar spin to beast backward crooked grind down a course rail - making us scuffle with delight in our adrenaline pumping colorful socks

Skate Street

This event on the San Francisco history inspired course was entered by a number of new contestants. Nyjah Huston topped the polls thanks to consistency and his range of tricks, which he constantly landed perfectly. He performed a number of great moves and tricks and no one was able to touch him all day.

BMX Dirt

A mixture of diehard fans and curious San Francisco citizens entered the city library to watch the BMX Dirt race. Ryan Nyquist came out on top in the highly competitive heats. Nyquist, who is from Northern California took the win he will ‘remember forever’ with a number of great tricks including a 450 truckdriver and a 720 late barspin on the last set.

Skate Street style

The street style event involved the closing of three blocks of urban area so riders could take advantage of the street inspired objects. The course itself was spectacular, while no one was sure what to expect from this event. However, it was Ryan Sheckler the whole way through who light up the event and won the new discipline.

BMX Street style

The BMX Street style was another new event and one that was created to mimic the San Francisco street riding feel. The range of cars, rails and wall rides offered riders the authentic street feel. Once again Garrett Reynolds came to the fore and performed a number of great tricks to push him to the top of the rankings, including a 540 truck driver and a barspin to double peg grind. 

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