Oh! the Horror! - THE HORROR!!!! Average Men's Socks 3+ Years Old According to Survey


Halloween horror on the horizon – it seems that according to a recent sock survey the average man is wearing a pair of socks that are over three years old.

According to Socked.com, the average man will seldom if ever go shopping to replace socks despite the often obvious need to do so. And we’re not just talking about an aesthetic need either, as according to the survey nine out of ten women consider that worn out socks are a turn off.

It doesn’t seem to get any better the further you read down the survey either and it seems that three out of four men admit pairing up odd socks when one of the original two is worn. Most have also failed to be bothered to act when their socks have been commented on negatively, which shows a laissez faire attitude to appearance.

Sock It!

Of course, such behaviour is an absolute disgrace and some would go as far to say ‘socking’. Perhaps it’s down to the fact socks are covered by shoes and are seldom seen. However, this is no excuse. After all a true gentleman will tell you that it’s not what you do when people are looking that matters; but what you do when they aren’t that should be taken into account and socks are a true reflection of this.

The report also did however shed some light on the critics too. It seems that a large proportion of women still wear their men’s socks – meaning that they are also to blame for the issue. Though women see it as a turn off, they still have no qualms wearing out the socks of their partners, which does make for the throwing of a curve ball.

It's The Pendulum Pits

An even more substantial curve ball comes in the shape of Rob Kardashian, brother of Kim, launching his own sock line, Arthur George in Sears next month.

The reality TV actor will sell the socks for $30 + and they are set to be made from Egyptian cotton. Kardashian is said to be so serious about the socks, he is mirroring the career of Ralph Lauren. He’s currently working on a range of striped socks and is even planning to expand beyond the footwear. However, to give him his dues, when Rob was asked ‘why socks?’ He responded with, ‘socks are always something I’ve been passionate about’. We say ‘Amen’ to that!

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