Broadway Bomb Skateboard Race - The Bomb!

Criminal activity or no criminal activity, over 2,100 skateboarders joined in the 10th annual Broadway Bomb skateboard race.

For those of you who don’t know, the Broadway Bomb is the focal point for the whole weekend and is surrounded by parties and events of all sorts in the Big Apple. However, this year the event was cancelled by the New York Supreme Court two days prior to the race on the 18th of October – didn’t stop it happening though.

The Law

The law department claimed that skaters “engaged in reckless and dangerous behaviour such as failing to stop for red lights, cutting off and weaving through moving vehicles.” The lack of an expensive parade permit led to the injunction against it

Legal requirements called for the race to be called off officially by Ian Nichols – the race organiser. The communication of the message via Facebook to the 1,900 plus registered boarders drew indignation, hundreds of defiant comments and an increased attendance of 2,119 attendants – mmmmmmmm!!!!

Smaller Groups

However, disruption was minimal. Skaters dispersed into smaller groups and got to the 116th Street starting point by dispersing through numerous neighborhoods. This in turn prevented the issues with traffic often associated with the event and also saw police take a lighter stance on the Broadway Bomb.

The race began at noon with many a pair of kellan striped socks in sight, the traditional time and riders used an array of routes to descent towards downtown New York. Of course, a few riders did start from the 116th Street starting point causing tension with police. However, all entrants managed to re-join at the end of the 8 mile race – the finish line being the Charging Bull of the New York Stock Exchange. Due to a police presence both long and short board riders continued past the bull, with police making no arrests and the whole ride going off without issue or incident.

The Broadway Bomb has despite legal issues triumphed this year, with an international community taking part in the increasingly growing event. The race was followed by a permitted BBQ in East River Park as well as a number of other charity drives on Sunday. Can’t wait for 2013 and getting our striped socks ready now!!

Photos: DNA Info NYC

- Kellan