Bullet Proof Socks…SMART Socks…Talking Socks – well, NO! Not just yet!!

Milk in a clean glass anyone?

Remember in old western films when the baddies would shoot at the feet of some gormless clean glass milk drinking cowboy, pressuring him into dance a not so merry jingle? Well, if you find yourself in such a scenario – and we hope you never do – there now is an answer – albeit 100 years too late.

Bullet Proof Socks                                                             

One American student from Chicago has had a novel ideal and added some bullet proof Kevlar to socks, reinforcing them with the high tech, super strong technology.

However, the addition of the Kevlar armour isn’t to protect against projectiles, but to create a longer, harder wearing sock. Known as Socrates, the sock designer Cameron Carter claims they that they may last a lifetime, resulting in no more holes, tears or worn out socks.

Carter pitched the idea to Kickstarter, the online start up backing site that sees people fund your idea based on how marketable it seems. And it’s obviously a good one, as he’s managed to almost triple his original ask and the fund for his venture now stands on $28,000.

Carbon Matrix

It’s worth knowing that the socks are not all Kevlar and look exactly the same as your run of the mill footwear – much to the disappointment of Iron Man fans among us. However, this real life Tony Stark has added the seriously tough Kevlar carbon matrix to both the toe and heel of the sock and hopes this will alleviate wear and tear in the area’s most susceptible to it.

Carter hasn’t stopped there though, Socrates come with Military specification elastic on the top of the sock and have comfortable LYCRA freshFX fabric that comes with its own Anti Droop Technology - so at last our faithful sock suspenders can be put to bed.

Currently, the company is only planning on manufacturing men’s socks, though plans for a female equivalent are rumoured might be on the way, as are some different and more colourful designs.

Of course, the biggest problem, as any sock aficionado knows, is losing socks, not wearing them out. You’d think that will all this technology someone might have added GPS – well they actually have…….let us scurry back into our dark corners embarrassed.

Socks Appeal – Never Lose Socks Again

It seems Swiss company; Smarter Socks has created an iPhone app for lost socks – hurray!!!!

Smarter Socks aids sock lovers in uniting with lost socks, making for easier pairing and ending the often Dante’s Inferno like task of locating unfaithful socks. 

Smarter Socks’ socks have a communication button built in. This chip can be scanned and identifies specific socks and also helps you find the matching one too. And it doesn’t end there. The app also informs the user on how often the sock was washed, what foot it’s for and even has a ‘black-o-meter’ function that notifies you on how black the footwear is.

The world of socks is a high tech one, there’s no doubt about that.