Welcome to #Socktober!


OVO: October's Very Own. It is in fact true, October is the best month out the year. Think about it: the air is crisp, apples have perfectly ripened, leaves are falling, and you get to layer and accessorize your swag like crazy! We decided to do something about our passion for this beautiful month, so we are partaking in socktober! 

What is socktober you ask? It's our month to help promote the awareness of comfortable & stylish socks. We feel way too many people undervalue the type of socks they wear on a regular basis. It's often times a non-considered element to one's wardrobe. So many people are guilty of wearing white socks with black pants, or dirty socks with clean jeans. That ain't right! There is so much to do in terms of expressing your individuality with something as simple as your feet! So that's our mission, to help you see and feel the luxury you could be putting on your feet on a daily basis. That's why we designed and manufactured kellan apparel socks.

How does socktober work? It's easy! Simply jump on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ social pages and send as a pic of your old socks with the #socktober handel. We won't miss it, trust that. Then what we will do is randomly select recipients of FREE kellan striped socks to up your sock game. It's that easy. It's like getting upgraded from coach to first class-- we offer you that complementary luxury!