Andrew McCutchen Talks Zebra Socks


Andrew McCutchen is pretty much the best baseballer on the planet right now: 22 homeruns, 66 RBIs and a .369 AVG. A more interesting stat is that McCuthen is a huge sock fanatic:

I have a LOT of different socks. During the regular season, that's how I am. I'm over the black socks or plain white... They're just socks that I've seen. I'm kind of "RG3," man. I like wearing different socks. I find a socks shop when I'm walking around. If I see some socks I like, I'll go in and buy 'em and I'll wear 'em during the game.

Stylish socks are becoming increasingly popular amongst athletes. Makes sense, it's the only part of their uniform they can customize. We are seeing more and more athletes, celebrities, and everyday people rocking bright, striped, and colorful socks. This is why we are in this business, to help you scream with foot-creativity.

Source: Yahoo! Sports