Eco-Friendly Lib Tech Surfboard!


Lib Tech has announced the launch of its Waterboard line, an attempt to take on the environmental and durability issues that plague surfboards and their shaping. These boards are handcrafted in the USA near our home base, Canada. We applaud Lib Tech for taking a great step forward with this enviro-friendly line. With so many boards getting dinged, bruised, and water-logged, this will help with the battle of broken and damaged surfboards rotting away in our oceans.

Mike Olsen, Lib Tech brand Founder, has been developing this new line of surfboards for the last three years with his team. Key highlight is the 100% closed cell foam which ensures the board won't absorb water, hence elimination of rotting. 

The Waterboard is comprised of 31 classified eco materials and components, as described by Olson, “Every material used is completely new to surfboards. Every technique is completely unique—to any industry. It’s not only a new way of making surfboards, it’s a whole new way to make anything.”

We have just the product to compliment this environmentally friendly shred stick: The kellan Ninja Turtle HEMP socks! Try rocking a pair of our eco-friendly colorful socks (made from recycled yarns and hemp) with your new Lib Tech waterboard after your beach sessions. 

Source: Lib Tech