Sock Furniture by Greg Papove

They often times get sent to Narnia through your dryer door, or get lost along the way. Socks are essentially foot-sleeves we drape our feet in to keep them stylish and comfortable. But who knew they could be used as furniture or tell a story? Vancouver-based designer Greg Papove created a collection of furniture that each have their own unique story to tell using socks. And of course, at kellan, we love socks! 

Introducing the ‘Five Toes Coffee Table’ designed by Papove which 'uses socks as press-fit clasps to allow users to change them whenever they like'. Based on your mood or style of guests, you can change this piece to be plain, striped, or mismatched to reflect your desired ambiance. We would opt for a Ninja Turtle Red, Tango Zebra Green, Fish Tail Blue and 40/Love Yellow combination.

Source: Gessato Lifestyle, GBlog