Old 'Sock Men' Rule

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Sock lovers come in all different shapes, sizes, age, and even political (and musical) status too! Today we learn that former president George W Bush is a massive colorful sock fanatic. What a win for the sock community as he is definitely a man's man rocking some colorful foot sleeves.

On the Today show this morning, on the occasion of his 88th birthday, the former president acknowledged his love for socks:

'In addition to socks in wild colors, I have socks with a zebra bearing a paintbrush (to disguise himself as a lion), pink flamingoes amid a green background, an eye chart, plump penguins and smiling monkeys. For Halloween, I wear ghoulish socks that play a scary tune and at Christmas, I put on socks patterned with decorated trees and wreaths to get in the holiday spirit.' 

We are interested in seeing this Zebra disguise himself as a Lion. Some imagination Mr. Bush has.

Bush is later asked if he knows Justin Bieber to which he responds 'No'. When it was noted that he too is a sock man, Bush was surprised: 'Is he a sock man? I don't know much about The Bieber. I never see him, I don't know what he does' said Bush. Hilarious that he calls him 'The Bieber'. Seems like George W is a little jealous of the little guy stealing his thunder.

The message is clear: Old man Bush would look seriously handsome in some crisp kellan socks!!

Source: Today