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CYLO Urban Bike Nike

We here at kellan socks cannot get enough of inner city cycling. Most of us ride into the office on single-speed fixie bikes. It is by far the best, and most economical, way of getting around tight urban city streets (and most fun).

We just came across this super cool bike – CYLO. CYLO's sleek urban bike design is by no accident as former Nike design director Eric Duvauchelle is the brain child behind the company which he describes as 'the bike that will fill a void in the biking market'. CYLO bikes are simple, elegant, and super functional. "Our mission is to build beautiful bicycles that you can simply jump on and ride without having to think,” said Duvauchelle. 

Not only are they sleek, they are loaded with useful accessories. The CYLO bike features powered head and brake lights – angled to ensure rider visibility – which are pedal-powered to ensure there will always be enough juice to allow the lights to work. Goodbye batteries, goodbye environmental waste. The bike also has built-in fenders to help reduce splash from the wheels, and a carbon belt drive that avoids unwanted dirt. The minimalist frame is crafted with lightweight materials, allowing the owner to lift-and-carry easily.

The CYLO bike is available in red, white and black and retails for $2,199 USD. If you're as keen as us to pick one of these up, you can head over to CYLO to pre order your bike now.

CYLO Urban Bike Nike

CYLO Urban Bike Nike

Source: HighSnobiety