Kellan Socks: Naughty or Nice?

kellan apparel socks

We promise you have never given socks like ours before for Christmas! And we double promise you'll never be as excited to receive socks like kellan for Christmas too!!

Socks have been a staple gift to give or receive at Christmas. Let's be honest, most of the times they are pretty boring. The idea behind giving socks is fundamentally the same– people don't typically buy lots of socks throughout the year so we assume they need them when it comes to buying gifts. We at kellan socks tend to think this mentality is backwards... We think you should want to give or receive socks all year round, especially at Christmas. Well, kellan socks that is!

Kellan Socks Perfect for Christmas Gift or Stocking Stuffers!

This year, why not be proud of the socks you are giving as a gift or in a stocking stuffer! Our socks are made from the most premium combed cotton and highest grade materials. All kellan socks also have a double cotton sole for ultra comfort. You won't have a better toe snuggle than in kellan socks. Plus, if you make your purchase on or before December 17th, we guarantee delivery for Christmas Day. Click HERE for more details on our Christmas shipping. 

Why Buy Kellan Socks?

kellan socks are great for lounging around the house, snowboarding, ice skating, shoveling the snow, or work/school. Remember our kellan socks are not dress socks... They are a super comfy cotton fashion sock that are inspired and designed by you – our customers!

Take the Holiday Challenge!

So we gotta ask... do you think kellan socks are naughty or nice? Show us! If you own kellan socks, join our conversation on twitter by using #kellansocks and show us either naughty or nice photos of your kellan socks. If you don't own any kellan socks, this is the perfect time to scoop some up for yourself of any loved ones (and join the convo too)!

Happy Holi!