A Very Kellan Socks Christmas!

kellan apparel socks

We are doing things a little different this year for the holidays. We recently asked you guys on Twitter what wild animals you'd love to see as featured kellan socks holiday wearers. You kids gave us some great and inspiring feedback. Thanks!

George – above – is the first installment of our Fuzzy Wuzzy Holidays campaign. Each week leading up to Christmas we will reveal the next character. Each character's design & artwork has been specifically inspired by one kellan sock.

A little more about George:

Residence: United Kingdom (Shoreditch area we hear)
Favorite holiday food: candy canes
Favorite holiday drink: White Russian
Favorite holiday movie: A Christmas Story
Favorite holiday activity: ice fishing with the Coca Cola bears
Favorite holiday song: Jungle Bell Rock (from Mean Girls) 
Favorite kellan socks: Ninja Turtle Red